EDCompass Feature Article – Measuring Up the Senteo Interactive Response System

Heather Ellwood writes this week’s featured article Measuring Up the Senteo Interactive Response System. She provides a wonderful analysis of how the Senteo can benefit teachers in the classroom and help them meet the federal government’s increased demands for accountablilty.

Because the feedback with
the Senteo is instant, I am
able to address any errors or
misconceptions immediately.
This is so effective. The old
expression ‘nip it in the bud’
certainly rings true here.
I find I can put a stop to
misconceptions while they
are still in early development,
and so many of the errors
that often occur later, will

Caleb Courtney, senior high
computer engineering teacher

Find out where the future of assessment is heading and how the Senteo works seamlessly with your SMART Board and Notebook software.

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  1. MrWelch /

    My classroom has the eInstruction clickers and they are great for instant feedback when working with any content. They also have a special going through the end of December. Buy a set of clickers (around 1,500 dollars) and you will receive a free wireless slate.

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