SMARTBoards and Between the Lions on PBS Kids

Between_the_lions It's really easy to have some fun with the SMART Board and get the kids involved in new and exciting ways. However, sometimes it's difficult for teachers to know where to start.

Here's one of my favorite interactive websites for children aged 3 to 7 to help them with their reading and writing. It's called Between the Lions and it's based on the PBS television show with the same name. It's really an incredible site that contains games, videos, stories, printables, downloadable music, and much, much more.

Here is their description:

Between the Lions is designed to help kids ages 3 to 7 learn to read. Unique among the hundreds of programs aimed at children, this puppet, animated, and live-action show is based on a detailed and rigorous literacy curriculum. It was developed in extensive and ongoing consultation with reading professionals. The result is a lively, educational blend of phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, and other teaching methods for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade students. Several independent, scientifically-based reading research studies have shown that Between the Lions has a significant impact in increasing children's literacy.

You can also view the site contents here.

I'm excited to make 2011 the best year of "Sharing Is Caring" yet and I hope you will too. Please let the other teachers in your school know about this amazing resource.

Sharing Is Caring!



  1. Seems like a great site, but I must point out — not available to Canadians. I tried the stories.

  2. Lori Sabo /

    Love it. Am going to tell our kindergarten teachers about it right now. :)

  3. The games work in Canada…..but that is it. Too bad!

  4. It really is a nice site.. it makes me wonder if PBS could use more sites like Between the Lions to generate some sort of revenue stream to help battle their current finacial woes.

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