JigZone and SMARTBoards

The SMART Board, along with a great online resource like JigZone, is a wonderful and engaging way to introduce a lesson. If used appropriately, this site allows you to introduce and bring focus to a learning objective in a manner that stimulates and engages students quickly.

For example, if your objective is to broaden your students’ understanding of Place Value, you could use JigZone to create a puzzle that shows an engaging chart that correlates the standard form of a place value with the word form. You can even place your custom puzzle on your blog.    :)


When you add your own images, you have a lot of control over the puzzle difficulty including what type of cuts you use for the puzzle pieces.

I like using Notebook to create a page of information containing images and other important information that I want to introduce. I can then export the page as a jpeg image type (File –> Export –> Image File…) and then use JigZone to create a puzzle of the exported image. Now that’s cool.

This one is definitely worth sharing!

Sharing Is Caring!



  1. Colleen Bernhardt /

    The link to JigZone does not work.

    • James Hollis /

      Thanks Colleen and Lori for letting me know about the link! ~Cheers!

  2. Bonnie Fritch /

    Thanks Jim,
    I always look forward to learning new ideas from you! Thanks for sharing. Bonnie

  3. Lori Sabo /

    The JigZone link in the first sentence didn’t work.

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