SMARTBoards and Harmony

Wow! I just became an artist in a few short minutes thanks to a online drawing site called Harmony. Rarely do I have this much fun with online drawing sites.

Harmony is a project from the Mr. Doob website that allows anyone to create amazing sketches and drawings. The magic comes from how the software code renders the different types of brushes.

I definitely had the most fun with the Sketch brush which was the main brush type I used in the drawing below. I also used the Simple and Shaded brush types.

It’s very important to mention that I am not an artist and I have very limited ability in this area. I completed the above drawing in just a few minutes and I had only played around with the website for five to ten minutes before I made this.

Using Harmony is extremely simple and it’s very easy to get your drawings into Smart Notebook by using the Screen Capture Tool.

This is a great site to use on your SMART Board so please share this with the other teachers at your school.

Sharing Is Caring!


  1. Jo Sullivan /

    This link would not open for me. I rec’d an error message. I would love to share this with my students and other faculty, but I need to see it and play with it first! :)


    Jo Sullivan

    • James Hollis /

      Hi Jo,

      What’s the error msg? Can you try the link using another browser to see what happens? The site uses JavaScript which is very common but maybe your browser has this disabled.

      Let me know what you find out.



  2. Love!!! The harmony site. It is fun to doodle around with. I can just see students loving to use this on a SMARTboard. The only problem is, they may never get back to work.


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