The Prime Of Life – Fun With Prime Numbers

I just created a fun activity called The Prime Of Life that reinforces the recognition of Prime Numbers. This activity was requested by a teacher trying to find a more engaging way for students to practice recognizing the Prime Numbers up to 100. Since I was already working on finding some fun Halloween resources, I though I would combine my efforts.

I like using theme-based activities as long as it doesn’t take too long to create. In this activity, I used the Random Number Generator from the Gallery and camouflaged it on an image of a tombstone. I added a few simple Halloween clip art images and voila, I have a simple but highly engaging review activity. You can download this file from the Free Resource Section of The Notebook Gallery.

Keeping in line with my Halloween theme, I also added a collection of 19 different Jack-O’-Lantern images and a very cool Halloween-themed attendance activity to The Notebook Gallery website. You can download them using any remaining download credits, you can purchase them for less than a dollar each, or you can become a Premium Member (only $3.95* per month) and download an unlimited number of resources.


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