Notebook Halloween Clip Art

The Notebook Gallery website has added another free resource for Halloween. It’s a collection of Halloween-related clip art that includes the friendly vampire, the friendly Frankenstein Monster, and the friendly mummy.

The Notebook Gallery has additional free Halloween resources including The Prime Of Life prime number activity, the Halloween Word Search Puzzles, and the Halloween Jokes activity.

Membership to The Notebook Gallery website is free and includes access to the Free Resource section, two free download credits, and the ability to purchase any Notebook resource for an extremely low price.

Premium Membership to the Notebook Gallery is only $3.95* per month

Premium Membership to the Notebook Gallery includes unlimited downloads of any Notebook resource, unlimited access to all video learning activities, full access to the Notebook Video Tutorial library, toll-free support, and the ability to request custom Notebook lessons for your classroom. Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back.

It doesn’t take long to realize that the Notebook lessons and templates contained in The Notebook Gallery are second-to-none and the Notebook Guided Learning Activities are by far the most effective way to learn how to use the Notebook software.

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