Textivate On The SMART Board

I’ve spent years reviewing and sharing interactive online resources that work great on a SMART Board. To be honest, I’m very picky on what resources I share and I require all the sites I share to have certain minimum standards. One site that meets and exceeds all my standards is Textivate.com. What I like most about this site are the many ways it can be used to create interactive, high-level thinking activities to reinforce almost any subject matter.

I discovered the Textivate resource on Danny Nicholson’s The Whiteboard Blog. He does a great job describing Textivate and he even provides a great example for reinforcing/reviewing the process of evaporation. I’ll let you read more about Textivate from Danny’s post. This will also give you a change to become more familiar with his great blog.

Being a math teacher, the first thing I did with Textivate was to create an interactive review for the order of operation. Since I registered on the site (free of charge) I was able to save my Textivate to share with others. Below is the actual Textivate I created – this is a live activity so go ahead and drag the tiles and place them in the correct order.

Click below to access the activity. (Opens in a new window on touch devices.)

Click here to open the above activity in a new window.


Here is the link to the original text entry. From here you can look at all the available options for creating different types of activities. I created mine to work specifically with the Paragraph option.

Remember, for a more detailed description of Textivate, head over to Danny’s post on The Whiteboard Blog.

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  1. Diann Caviness /

    Are you able to insert/embed your textivate into a Notebook file? This would be awesome to mimic the VA SOLs Technology Enhanced Question of clicking and dragging to put in the correct order.

    • James Hollis /

      Hi Diann,

      I’m working on trying to get it embedded. It shouldn’t be a problem but I haven’t been able to get it to work yet. If I do, I’ll post a response here.



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