How Many Squares SMARTBoard Activity

I had a lot of fun today creating an activity called How Many Squares that challenges students to find the total number of unique squares in a given figure. My kids just tested the activity on the SMART Board and they loved it, especially the hands-on investigation pages.

This activity is available free of charge on The Notebook Gallery website. It’s a perfect activity for the last few days of school before Winter Break begins.

If you like this activity, please feel free to explore The Notebook Gallery site for other amazing Notebook lessons.

As a free member, you can purchase any activity on the site for less than two bucks (compare this to activities that cost $4.99 – $24.99 on the Smart Exchange website).

As a Premium Member (only *$3.95 per month), you can get unlimited access to all Notebook resources as well as video tutorials and step-by-step video instructions for creating your own Notebook activities.

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