Games are Afoot on the SMARTBoard

A while back I shared a fun little interactive game called Circle the Cat that challenged you to encircle a cat so it cannot escape. It’s a fantastic activity to play on a SMART Board. The same developer has a number of other interactive logic games that are lots of fun for Friday afternoon. The developer has a website called gamedesign that lets you select from all his free games. (Be careful, not to click on the advertisements at the top of the page that says “Download Full Version” and “Play Online.”)

I’ve gone through and selected the five games that best qualify as “educational.” The site allows free downloads so I’m providing the direct links to the flash files (swf) in case you wish to download and insert them into your Notebook files.

1. Peg Solitare – Jump over other pegs until all the pegs are removed from the board.

2. Shot – Try to knock other balls off the grid. Be careful you don’t leave a ball alone on the grid.

3. Code Master – This is my favorite game. You have to assign a number from 1 – 9 to a letter to break the code. This game uses handwriting recognition to recognize the numbers that are written. It works very well although it struggled a few times trying to recognizing my number 8.

4. Recognizer – This is another number recognition activity where students can write in the answer to a two-digit addition problem using the SMART Board pen or their finger and the activity will recognize what number they wrote.

5. Tacoyaki – Click tiles to change the color of the surrounding tiles trying to get all the tiles the same color.


Let me know which game you like best and don’t forget to share these with the other teachers in your school.

Sharing Is Caring!


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