Rounding Numbers To Nearest 10 and 100

I had such a demand for more information and additional resources for rounding numbers to the nearest 10 and 100 that I created a lite version of the Notebook Lesson called Monkey Business – Rounding Numbers (see slideshow below).

The Lite Version contains valuable information on rounding numbers including the monkey’s trick for remembering when to round up or down. It also contains various assessment activities including the Banana Rama review game for rounding to the nearest 10. The Lite Version is free to download on The Notebook Gallery website.

Here’s a sample of what’s contained in the Full Version.

I hope you’ll consider joining The Notebook Gallery for unlimited Notebook lesson downloads including the Full Version of the Monkey Business lesson. Premium Membership also includes Notebook 10 and 11 video tutorials and step-by-step guided activities for learning how to use the Notebook software.

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