SMART Board Article: Boards Get Brains, Chalk Vanishes

I ran across this wonderful (although slightly dated) article on interactive whiteboards in the classroom entitled, Boards Get Brains, Chalk Vanishes by David Cohn. It comes from Wired online magazine and it does a great job explaining how interactive whiteboards can help differentiate classroom learning to make it more engaging.

Here’s a a short piece from the article:

…the real virtue of the interactive whiteboard is in showing students how to use the computer.

"Instead of handing a kid a laptop and saying ‘good luck,’ it’s nice to be able to model something for them," Bang said.

And because the system works like a computer, most teachers have little
problem picking it up right away and using it to teach their students.

"That is part of what is ingenious about Smart Technologies’ board —
it is immediately familiar," said Columbia elementary school’s Mishler.

These articles can be used as great ammunition for making your case of getting a SMART Board in the classroom.

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