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It's always great to start off the new year with a comprehensive list of SMART Board web resources. I have so many to share but I thought it would be fun to give you the list of responses that were submitted by members of the SMART Board Revolution Ning.

Member Lucy Gray asked the community to respond with their favorite SMART Board resources. Lucy submitted her own by sharing Here are the other responses:

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Here are Three of my favorites: Teachers Love Smartboards Smartboard Lesson's Podcast The WhiteBoard Blog


Notebook is incredible software for instruction. I am working at
training teachers to use the software. The following website has a lot
of links to good places to download Notebook files already made up for
just about any grade and subject. The ones with stars at the top have
links to Smartboard Notebook.
This has got to be one of the best Smartboard Notebook websites I have
found so far. The lessons are very interactive for all grades and all
subjects. This would be a great resource for showing the potential and
ideas of how Smartboard Notebook software can be used. It is free to
signup and then have fun downloading.
Thanks to everyone for sharing thier resources.
Here are a few of mine-
Utah Education Network This page is for K-2- scroll to the bottom of the page for resources in grades 3-6 and 7-12.
General Interactive Whiteboard Resources
Interactive Internet Resources
Thanks Again!
anne marie
have used online comic creators with early years classrooms to learn
about body parts and descriptive language. You could also capture the
children's avatars and ise them in interactive lessons. Children could
also learn how to animate the page tool with their avatar (notebook10)
or use the video recorder to animate and retell a story. or

keep sharing…


looked at the links on here. I've seen a lot of them before. I'm just
struck by the math interactive java, flash, and shockwave interactive
sites and can't help but think that there is no reason not to be using
these with almost every math lesson. There's something for about every
topic. What a great time to be a teacher!
I use to tag my favorite websites. Here is a link to mine:

I'm always looking for more sites to add to it.


i use delicious too..

all the sites that I think are great for whiteboards are tagged with "iwb" so to get to those resources directly go to

There are lots of smartboard files on my blog (they are on a separate page from the main resources)
I love
for the k-6 crowd – every math concept imaginable is found on this
site. There are no popups or advertising…It also has not ever been
down for us. I love it!!!!
As a resource in general for internet sites
is a great resource for finding grade level specific skills to practice
on the internet. I use it all the time to find new sites for my
students. Many of the sites are perfect for interaction on the
there is a site i go to often to find websites etc … it is called
… it has many areas and at first might seem unfriendly but it has a
wealth of information … my favorite part of the site is the place
where they have categorized interactive websites by grade and
curriculum … that is alberta curriculum … here are the links

Gr K – 3
Gr 4 -6
Gr 7 – 9

just move the mouse to the menus at the top of the page to see hidden
menus … these are excellent interactive sites for any IWB or

What an amazing list of resources brought to you by some of the most experienced SMART Board users out there.

I would like to add two more from my friends Dave, Scott, and Anne Marie:

Sharing is Caring!

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