SMART Board Lesson Podcast and Jigzone

As always, Ben and Joan have produced another great episode of their SMARTBoard Lesson Podcast. This week’s episode (#125) highlights a lesson about the Bernoulli Principle. They also have a very short survey to help gather some information to make their podcast even better. It only takes a few minutes to complete so please help Ben and Joan out if you can.

One of the people who called into the show mentioned a fun website that works great with the SMART Board. It’s called Jigzone and it allows you to create a jigsaw puzzle from pictures that you upload. There are a lot of ways to use this for educational purposes. For example, here is a graphic I created using a graphic editor (PhotoFiltre is good free graphic editor).


I can use Jigzone to upload this photo and then create a fun jigsaw puzzle for kids to put together on the SMART Board. When they’re done, they have to tell the class which side has the correct answer.

Here’s the puzzle (click on it to start) created from Jigzone and embedded here in my blog. You can use the controls on the left to change the number of pieces and automatically solve the puzzle:


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