SMART Boards and Revealing Hidden Information

I'm very excited about my new course called Notebook Application – Reveal Hidden Information which is scheduled to be released this Friday. This self-paced course will guide participants in how to reveal hidden information by dragging a flashlight around on a page. To teach the techniques required to reveal hidden information, participants will create an authentic application called "Turn On The Lights" using Smart Notebook version 10 that can be modified for any subject matter.

Here's a video of the completed project:

I am offering free enrollment for this course to the first 50 teachers who fill out a  TrainingYES Request form. Please include your first and last name, your email address, and a link to your school's website so I can verify enrollment requests.


While you're waiting for the release of my new course, you're more than welcome to take some of my other professional development offerings at Teacher Online Training. The price is right and you can complete them at your own pace at the comfort of your own computer.

Here are the testimonials from my last course Notebook Techniques – An Introduction to Tables

I found this course to be very helpful, especially since I am a "newbie" to SmartBoards / SmartNotebook.  The videos were well done and the work required was manageable and helpful in understanding the content of the course.

This course was very helpful.  I would recommend the course to anyone using the notebook software.  Easy to complete – no pressure.

A must for all teachers who want to expand their understanding of Smart Notebook 10.

Excellent hands-on training of a very useful tool. Lots of great applications within the classroom.

I am a fairly new learner of the smartboard.  This course was very helpful in learning how to make tables and the many different applications for the classroom.  I highly recommend this course.

I recommend this course to anyone who is new to using the Notebook 10 Software. It unlocks an endless amount of possibilities for creating engaging and exciting lessons in any subject area.

I was very impressed with the course.  I just finished leading a SMART board training today (which included tables) and I learned a lot from the course that I could have used!  It was very thorough and nicely paced.  Excellent work!  And the price was right too!  Love that!!!!  Thanks!

Once again, fantastic course. Your courses are very helpful and easy to follow along. I hadn't figured out how to make words in old rows or columns work when a new row or column was added. (The new row covers up part of the first row- it had threw me for a loop soooo many times. – thanks) Recently, a friend just mentioned to me she didn't think the table was a great addition. However, I think if she takes the time to participate in this course, she will change her mind. Jim – keep up the great work.

Thank you so much for these lessons.  I always learn a new tip or trick.  When taking these courses, I always think of other subject areas to use the lessons in that I wouldn't have come up with on my own.

The instructor does a great job of delivering information in easily digestible segments.

The pace of the videos and ease of use were great. Your use of multiple ways of inputting different items was very useful and helpful. Students can then see which works best for them. Thank you very much for providing this online class. I will participate in more of your classes.

This is a quick and easy way to learn how to use one of the tools in SMART Notebook. Along with learning how to create and use tables, you also learn how to use many other features of Notebook!

If you're new to Notebook or looking to enhance your skills, there's no better place to go than Teacher Online Training!

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