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For a limited time, I am offering teachers free enrollment for the course Notebook Teacher_clipart_6
Applications – Custom Word Search Puzzle
. This is a great way to learn how to use Notebook while creating an authentic learning tool for the classroom. To request your free enrollment key, just fill out this short form and I'll send you an email with the enrollment key within 24 hours. 

The Teacher Online Training site has lots of other great courses to learn how to use the SMART Board and Smart Notebook 10 and it is by far the most effective (and least expensive) method for teachers to receive professional development.

New Course: Notebook Application: Custom Word Search Puzzle

course will guide the participant through the process of creating a
custom word search puzzle that includes a hidden answer to a question.
The instructions for the course use vocabulary words from the book
"Holes" by Louis Sachar. Participants
may use the same words as described in the video tutorials or they may
use their own unique question and list of words.

will learn how to apply page background colors, set default fonts, use
fixed-spaced fonts, apply the fade-out animation type, and create links
to other pages in your Notebook file. In addition, participants will
learn how to clone pages, align objects on a page, and lock all objects
on a page in a single step.

Participants receive 150 minutes of Professional Development Credit for completing this course and meeting course requirements.

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