SMARTBoards and The Giving Tree


Today I received an email from one of my readers that said…

I would like to share this notebook lesson I created for my classes. I developed
it after a lesson plan I came across and adapted it to the SMARTboard notebook.

Have a wonderful holiday!

Thanks for all you do,

Carol Findlay

Carol's wonderful Notebook application is called The Giving Tree. Teachers can use it to discuss the message of "giving" with their students. I can't image a more beautiful classroom project to create and share with students and parents this holiday season.

Here is Carol's description of The Giving Tree:

After reading and discussing the book The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein, students reflect and write about the gift they would most like to give.

Subject/Grade level: This lesson can be adapted for use in language arts class with students of varying ability levels in grades 2 – 8. This lesson is also well-suited to a multi-age activity with "big buddies" and "little buddies" from upper and lower grades working together.

Students will discuss the message of The Giving Tree. Students will write a message about giving to be shared with classmates and others. Students will then (in turn) select an ornament or gift and move it to the tree. They will then type their message on the linked page. 

Thank you Carol for sharing such a wonderful application.

Sharing is Caring!

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