SMARTBoards Are Making It Into the Classroom

Looking for some articles to pass along to your Principal or Superintendent to get them excited about SMARTBoards in the classroom. Look no further…

Public school teachers train to use Smart Boards in classrooms
Peterborough Examiner – Peterborough,Ontario,Canada
Advanced Presentation Products, a Mississauga-based dealer of Smart Boards, hosted the day-long conference at the Holiday Inn. The session was aimed at

Smart boards enhance educational experience

Gothenburg Times – gothenburg,ne,USA
A John R. Applegate grant administered through the Mid-Nebraska Community Foundation has helped the school district purchase Smart boards for the first- and

Smart Boards are hands-on, minds-on

Wilmington News Journal, OH – Wilmington,OH,USA
The Smart Board interactive whiteboard is a big hit at Clinton-Massie. Combining a whiteboard with the power of a computer, Smart Board interactive

Austin Public Schools get 'Smart'
Austin Herald – Austin,MN,USA

The district is looking to get Smart Board lessons online, so students can access them at home to study. Smart Boards are just a small segment of the

Halton teachers explore SMART Board technology
Burlington Post – Burlington,ON,Canada

Several SMART Boards were recently on display in a room at the Burlington Holiday Inn as 200 teachers and school board administrators from Halton,

Tradition falls by wayside in teaching tools
London Free Press – Canada

But there was nothing typical about this Saturday morning class: The "students" were parents and the board was a SmartBoard. For parents who grew up in more

Interactive whiteboards are all the rage
Plattsburgh Press Republican – Plattsburgh,NY,USA

SMART Boards are made by SMART Technologies, while other companies that sell similar interactive tools include Numonics and PolyVision.

Putting blackboards out of work
Windsor Star – Ontario, Canada

Currently, she said, there are 275 Smart Boards in the system. Every school, elementary or secondary, has at least two. She said it's really a matter of the

School has SMART Boards in all classrooms
The Daily Advance – Elizabeth City,NC,USA

Fifth-graders competing in a classroom math contest use remote control devices that communicate their responses to a SMART Board in teacher Priscilla

Classroom technology jump-starts education – Gainesville,FL,USA

There are 26 SMART Boards
for 30 teachers, Clarke said. They do not come cheap, ranging in cost
from about $1500 for a portable one to almost $4000 for one

I know that's a lot of reading but the excitement is building. Isn't time your school had more SMART Boards?

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