Fun Logic Games for the SMART Board

Here are four fun logic games that work great on the SMART Board and are perfect for some quality free-play during class. Better yet, create small groups and have your students work on these as a team. For example, my favorite activity, Code Master, is a perfect team-building opportunity.

All four of these games have really cool interactions making them perfect companions for the Smartboard. I especially like the hand recognition of Code Master and the drag and release feature of the game Shot.

Please read the instructions on this page before using the activities since a few of the activities don’t include information on how to play. Be careful, you may get addicted to a few of these.

1. Peg Solitare – Jump over other pegs until all the pegs are removed from the board. To play, touch on the ball you want to have jump over another ball and then touch the destination.

2. Shot – Try to knock all but one of the balls off the grid. Pay special attention to where the balls stay after knocking another ball off the grid.

3. Code Master – This is my favorite game. You have to assign a number from 1 – 9 to the letters that are displayed in the grid to break the code. The numbers must add up to the given number for each row and column. Look for duplicate letters to help decide which numbers to use. For example, if you see the letter B in multiple locations, this means that the same number is used in both locations. Notice in the picture below that the letter B is equal to the number 9 which is used in two places in the first column. This game uses handwriting recognition to recognize the numbers that are written and students can write on the SMART Board without using the pens.

4. Tacoyaki – Click tiles to change the color of the surrounding tiles trying to get all the tiles the same color.


These are Flash-based activities and are free to download to your computer. If you have difficulties using the activities, make sure your Internet browser supports Flash.


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