Guess the Color Sinking Octopus Game

sinking_octopus_colorsI just updated a game I created in Smart Notebook called The Sinking Octopus – Guess the Color.

This is a hangman-type game where students try to guess a word by selecting letters. If they select a letter that is in the word, the letter will be displayed in the correct position(s) of the word. However, if the letter is not contained in the word, it plays a splashing sound and the octopus sinks down the page. (Touch octopus placeholders below the letters to track number of wrong guesses.) Students get six incorrect selections until the octopus sinks to the bottom and the word is revealed.

The Sinking OctopusIf you would like me to create a Sinking Octopus game using your own words, you can use the comment section to provide your information. All I need are your six words (from four to six letters) and the topic for your words. The topic can be anything that describes your words. For example, in the file I’m sharing in this post, the topic is “Colors.”

This is a Smart Notebook file compatible with Notebook 11, Notebook 15, and Notebook Express.

Click the download button to download directly to your computer.




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Additional hangman-style activities are available from The Notebook Gallery Resource site.


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