Raining Cats and Dogs Venn Diagram

Raining-cats-and-dogs-venn-diagram_16I just finished creating a new Smart Notebook activity called Raining Cats and Dogs that looks at similarities and differences between cats and dogs using a Venn Diagram.

Students get to interact with the lesson by choosing whether a statement is related to a cat, a dog, or to both a cat and a dog.cat_silhouette

This activity is a great way to introduce Venn Diagrams in a way that’s easy to understand and a lot of fun. Teachers can use the last page of the activity to dog_silhouetteencourage students to come up with additional similarities and differences between cats and dogs based on their own experience.

Click the Download Button to download the Smart Notebook file to your computer.




This is a Smart Notebook file compatible with Notebook 11, Notebook 15, and Notebook Express.

Look for an upcoming self-paced Professional Development opportunity that guides you through building your own Venn Diagram activity based on this Smart Notebook lesson.

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