SMARTBoards and Harmony

Wow! I just became an artist in a few short minutes thanks to a online drawing site called Harmony. Rarely do I have this much fun with online drawing sites.

Harmony is a project from the Mr. Doob website that allows anyone to create amazing sketches and drawings. The magic comes from how the software code renders the different types of brushes.

I definitely had the most fun with the Sketch brush which was the main brush type I used in the drawing below. I also used the Simple and Shaded brush types.

It’s very important to mention that I am not an artist and I have very limited ability in this area. I completed the above drawing in just a few minutes and I had only played around with the website for five to ten minutes before I made this.

Using Harmony is extremely simple and it’s very easy to get your drawings into Smart Notebook by using the Screen Capture Tool.

This is a great site to use on your SMART Board so please share this with the other teachers at your school.

Sharing Is Caring!