The Notebook Gallery Resource Site

It’s finally here!

I’ve been extremely excited for some time now about introducing a new resource for teachers called The Notebook Gallery. I believe it is and will continue to be the most valuable resource available for Teachers Who Love SMART Boards!

A while back, I was asked to participate in a new project to bring high-quality Notebook resources to teachers who have a SMART Board in their classroom. Since this has been my passion for the past five years, I agreed to take on the lead supervisory role for both content and Professional Development. The new resource site is called The Notebook Gallery.

The new site already contains an amazing collection of Notebook resources to help teachers utilize their SMART Board more effectively. In my new role, I will also be developing a new series of Professional Development products for the new Notebook 11 software and I will be the main contact for customer support and customer requests.

Since teachers usually have to absorb the cost of resource sites like this, it was imperative to me that the cost remain low. The Notebook Gallery has a free membership that allows users to download two free resources and gain access to the Free Resource section. Members can also purchase individual resources at a very low cost. In fact, all resources are under $2.

Becoming a Premium Member (see special offer below) is only $3.95 per month charged one time at $47.40 for a one-year membership. The Premium Membership allows for unlimited resource downloads and provides access to the Notebook video tutorials and Guided Instruction Activities.

New resources are added each week and we encourage Premium Members to send in their requests for Notebook Lessons they wish to see added to the site.

I hope you’ll take a moment to look around the site and at least take advantage of the free membership so you can download your two free resources and gain access to the Free Resource Section.

If you choose to join as a Premium Member, readers of Teachers Love SMART Boards can receive a 15% discount through September 16, 2012. If the discount code is not already applied when you go to the site, use coupon code TLSB15 to apply the 15% discount. We also offer  group discounts for districts, schools, or consortium participants.

Click here to sign up.¬† You’ll be glad you did.

Hope to see you on The Notebook Gallery!

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