Groovy Math Activity for the SMART Board

where-do-we-go-go-pageHere’s another fun Algebra activity for the SMARTBoard called Are You Ready for Mathematics: Where Do I Go Go.

Challenge students at the whiteboard to make the equation true by moving the numbers and/or parenthesis to the correct location.

The activity has 15 questions that increase in difficulty and all possible solutions (correct and Anonymous-Dancer-sketchincorrect) are displayed when the Check Button is selected.

In the example shown here, students would need to drag the numbers into the following positions to make it true:

(  1  +  4  ) + (  3  •  7  ) = 26

This is a great beginning-of-the-year activity for an Algebra I class and a perfect resource for reviewing order of operation. Asking “what would happen if…” questions while using the activity is a great way to get the students thinking about why and when parenthesis are necessary.

The activity is very easy to use and even includes an Index page to make it easy to jump directly to any question page.

The file was created in Notebook 15 and utilizes a new feature which allows you to touch on a page object to change to the Pen Tool, the Erase Tool, or the Selection Tool. This is perfect for Full Screen Mode since it allows users to switch between tools without using the Toolbar.

I hope you’ll share this resource with your Middle and/or High School Math teachers in your school!




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