Interactive Student Attendance

animal-attendanceLooking for a fun way to take attendance?  Look no further, the Animal Attendance Notebook activity is a perfect resource for your morning attendance.

I’ve created a number of attendance activities in Smart Notebook, but Animal Attendance is my favorite. Not only is it simple to use and easy to customize, it also allows the teacher to customize the activity to reveal a secret “Student of the Day.”

When students arrive in the classroom, they go to the SMART Board and touch on the box containing their name. When they do, a silhouette of an animal will appear to indicate they are in attendance. If a student takes attendance and the animal silhouette is blue instead of black, that student is the designated as the Student of the Day.

The file contains instructions for modifying the activity to reflect your students’ names. It’s also very easy to change the location of the names so students aren’t always associated with the same animal.




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