Memory Games on the SMARTBoard

A long time ago, I learned a brain-based memory technique that helps me remember a list of items. I still use this technique when I do my grocery shopping. It’s a truly amazing skill that is very easy to learn. A BBC site called Brainsmart has three memory games with corresponding instruction videos that can help teach kids some amazing memory skills. One of the techniques they demonstrate is the same one I learned all those years ago.

These games would be a lot of fun to play on the SMART Board. I think it would be fascinating to play the first level of each game and then watch the corresponding video that demonstrates a technique to help students improve their score for that game. After they watch the video, have them play the last two levels and see how they do.

[Unfortunately, I was unable to view the videos directly from the Brainsmart site because of where I live so I searched for them on YouTube. If you’re unable to view the videos on the site, I’ve included them here.]

Here are the direct links to the games and the corresponding video:

Play the Name That Name Game

YouTube Link


Play the Objects In Order Game

YouTube Link


Play the Name That Number Game

YouTube Link


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