Smart Board Games for a Friday Afternoon #4

Look no further. Here’s one of the absolute best games you can play on your Smartboard on a Friday afternoon. It’s a flash version of the game Hangman that is guaranteed to keep the kids happy. It’s an outstanding version of the game that allows you to choose words from various categories. It’s perfect for almost any grade level.

An option for teachers is to find the words in the Hangman dictionary and bring in the Hangman flash file into your SMART Notebook software. You could then add pictures of the words to help the children in the lower grades.

Oh what the heck, please wait a few minutes while I create a Notebook file that does this for the animal category. {Jeopardy theme song plays…}

Okay! It’s been about 20 minutes but I’ve created a two-page Hangman Animal Notebook file (right-click to save file) that contains the Hangman flash application as well as all the animal pictures contained in the Animal category. Enjoy!!!

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