SMART Boards and a Message from the Mayor of SpellingCity

Spellingcity I recently received a message from the Mayor of SpellingCity about some of the changes they've made to their already beautiful community. I definitely rate SpellingCity one of the best places to live if you want to practice your spelling.

SpellingCity recently won the honor of being "SMART Board Ready" as they've revamped all of their activities to work by touching or dragging objects. They're also in the process of revising all their games so they can be displayed in full-screen!

Check out what SpellingCity offers when people come to visit:

– Over 42,000 spelling words and ten spelling games!
– A REAL person who says each vocabulary word and sentence
– Free home pages for teachers and parents so they can save their lists.
How To Videos to explain to teachers and parents how to use
– A free forum and newsletter with more spelling resources!

– Ten spelling and vocabulary games to play online or to print.

After taking the online spelling test, students can print out a report, retake the entire test, or get tested only on spelling words that they got wrong the first time

TeachMe spells and displays the word in ways that stimulate memory for visual and verbal learners.

Printable Games include WordSearch, UnScramble, WhichWord?, Sentence UnScramble and MissingLetter.

Printable Handwriting Worksheets
for combined spelling and handwriting practice can be created from any
saved list (this feature only works if the list is saved). Choices
includes three sizes of lines, capitals or small letters, script or
cursive, and with directional arrows on or off. How cool is that?

Teachers:  try our new SpellingCity Parent Newsletter, available as PDFs for you to print and send home with your students' spelling word lists.Sc_full_screen_button

Here's a link to a fun tourist destination called MatchIt. You can display this site in full screen so it's more engaging when using the SMART Board.

I was very excited to take a trip back to SpellingCity and see all the wonderful improvements. Teachers, please let your students know that SpellingCity is a wonderful vacation destination during the Summer.

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