SMART Boards and Fun “Bitesize” Activities from the BBC

I've mentioned the Bitesize activities from the BBC before but wanted to focus specifically on the KS1 (Key Stage 1) activities for children aged 5 to 7.

The KS1 Bitesize area contains both Math and Literacy interactive activities. The Math section contains 12 different activities and the Literacy section has nine. Each activity has three levels of difficulty: Medium, Hard, and Really Hard.

The graphics and audio on these activities are very professional and all the activities were developed with interactive whiteboards in mind so they all work great with the SMART Board. Student feedback is also very stimulating. After students touch on an answer, the activity responds with some fun animation and let's them know if they are correct. In the Kung-Fu Sentences activity (picture below), the character does a spinning Kung-Fu move after students select an answer. If the student is correct, the Kung-Fu Master flips the correct answer into place with his stick. It's pretty cool! 


Bitesize1The great thing about these activities is that they can be viewed full-screen to help make the activities more engaging. In addition, each activity has a corresponding worksheet. 

Teachers can also access KS2 and KS3 activities from the site. 

Please share this wonderful resource with the other teachers in your school. You'll soon be the "go to" person for finding great resources for your SMART Board!

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