A Smart Way to Use a SMARTBoard

I had to share this video shared by Smart Tech showing kids using the SMART Board to collaborate in a small group environment and then using the SMART Board to present to the entire class. What’s really cool is how the kids are using the Activity Builder and the new audio recorder in Notebook 11 to create their work. By the way, the teacher’s name is Tom Scherschel. Way to go Tom!

While I’m a big fan of iPads in the classroom for one-on-one learning (I mean a really big fan), I also realize how incredibly valuable the SMART Board is for small group collaboration as well as whole classroom learning. I still find it hard to believe some people think that iPads can replace a SMART Board. To do so would be devastating to the learning process. Oh, I forgot to mention that the research supports this conclusion as well.

Okay, okay…I’ll jump off my “high horse” now and share this wonderful video. Enjoy…

Thanks Tom for sharing your ideas and providing a wonderful example for other teachers (including me) to follow.

If you liked the video, please take a few seconds and leave a comment for Tom to let him know what you think. Or, you can always share some of your own similar Smartboard learning moments.

Sharing Is Caring!

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