Smartboards and Custom Venn Diagrams for Geometry

Venn1 One of the best critical thinking activities is using a Venn Diagram to organize relationships. However, it can be a challenge for teachers to create custom Venn Diagrams for students to use. With the Shape Sorter Venn Diagram activity, teachers can build their own Venn Diagrams to explore relationships between various geometric objects.

To use the application, select two rules from the pre-defined drop down list of rules. Next, drag the shapes from above into the blue work area. You can use the check button to automatically check whether the shapes are contained in the correct location of the Venn Diagram.

This is an amazing tool for Math teachers to help students understand the different properties of different geometric shapes. The online activity also includes an exploration section to help teachers use the resource more effectively.

I think a great learning opportunity would be to have students divide into groups and use the SMART Board to define their own Venn Diagrams rules and place various shapes on the blue outside area of the diagram. They could then challenge another group to come to the SMARTBoard to complete the Venn Diagram. I think that creating custom Venn Diagrams is actually a better learning experience than completing a Venn Diagram.

This is a flash resource so you can use the Flash Game Maximizer addon if you're using the Firefox browser.

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