SMARTBoards and Physics Education Technology (PhET)

Phet-logo You don't need to be a Middle School or High School Science teacher to appreciate the amazing resources provided by the PhET website. This site contains the most incredible collection of research-based, interactive, Physics simulations anywhere on the Internet. Best of all, these simulations are free to use online or download to your computer.They are a must-have for teachers with Interactive Whiteboards in the classroom.

The simulations can be run one at a time from the web browser (using Java's Web Start) or they can be downloaded and opened directly from your computer. I recommend downloading the simulations and then double-clicking on the simulations when you want to use them. All you need is Java installed on your computer and most computers have it installed already. (You can click here to download and/or check whether Java is already installed).

The site also contains homework files, lab descriptions, and even files containing interactive response questions. This is a great feature for schools who have interactive response systems. PhET makes it easy to browse for resources and even filters activities by grade level.

Here is an example of one of the simulation called the Equation Grapher. You can use this right here!

You can download this directly to your computer or you can run it from your web browser.

Here is the PhET page containing the Equation Grapher.

Please share this resource with the other teachers in your school. It's a winner!

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