SMARTBoards and Science NetLinks Interactive Activities

Header_snl_logoThe Science NetLinks website is an amazing website for Science teachers providing them with lessons covering a wide variety of topics and grade levels. The website is very easy to use and they even provide learning benchmarks for the lessons. The really great thing about these lessons is the interactive resources that are contained in each lesson plan.

I've gone through a number of these lessons and pulled out some of the interactive flash-based activities that work really well on an SMART Board. While I've made it very easy to access these resources, I encourage all teachers to utilize the entire lesson plans found on the Science NetLinks website.

Classify Activity – Classify different types of plants and animals. Simple activity and a lot of fun for earlier grades.

Forces – Try to determine what type of force caused the earth to change and how long it took to change it.

Gravity – Set your own thrust and angles to try to use gravity to land at your destination

Number Cruncher – How many moves will it take you to get to your target number by adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. I love this activity!

Power Play – An activity that lets students figure out the tools necessary to build a machine to harness power. This is really cool.

Systems – Choose the correct organs in the correct systems to put Arnold back together.

Interactive Moon – Great activity to learn the phases of the moon.

Marble Mania – Great way to experiment with different probablity outcomes. You need a keyboard to type in some numbers but it's still an effective tool for the SMART Board

Antibiotic – You're the doctor and you have to figure out how to cure your patients before they go to the hospital.

I think I enjoy the Power Play activity the best. Let me know which one is your favorite!

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