SMARTBoards and This is Sand

I hope someone can explain why I like playing with sand so much. Not only can I go out to my backyard and build a sand castle, I can now go to and play all day without getting any sand between my toes.


I wanted to see if this site worked okay on the SMART Board so I just fired up the SMART Board in my office and let my 8 year old daughter play around on the site before she went to school. She was absolutely transfixed by this activity that simply drops sand from anywhere you touch on the SMART Board. If you touch and drag your finger, the sand follows your movements and drops sand from wherever your finger is.

You can use the onscreen keyboard to change the color of the sand and you can double-click to make the sand fall continuously without touching the SMART Board.

So, is there any educational value to this activity? I'll let you play around on the site and discover for yourself.

[WARNING: One of my readers just warned me that there are inappropriate pictures in the Gallery of Please do not open the Gallery in front of your students.]

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