SMARTBoards and Mathsframe

MathsframesWhen teachers ask me for interactive SMART Board activities for Mathematics, I always send them to Mathsframe. The activities found on Mathsframe are well designed, engaging, and extremely effective. When you use the activities, you can tell right away that they were designed by an actual teacher.

The wonderful people at Mathsframe are big believers in helping teachers and they provide an incredible library of free resources. They have over 10 activities and each Mathsframe1activities has various options and levels to choose from depending on the level of the student.

They also provide schools with an extremely inexpensive site license for their Mathframe Block A – Counting, Partitioning and Calculating which is designed around the Primary Framework Mathematics Block A. The license does not require the Internet and it can be loaded on all the computers in your school. The license provides over 40 activities that cover learning objectives across Key Stage 2 (students aged 7 to 11). 

I just read this morning that they've made improvements to their complimentary interactive number line activity and they also added a bunch of new levels. 

If you're a Twitter user, you can follow Mathsframe to stay up-to-date on what's going on.

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