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Sketch & Paint!It's definitely an exciting time to be exploring the Internet and experimenting with all the wonderful Web 2.0 applications. These applications do not require you to download any software and they work just like a program installed on your computer's hard drive.

I actually do not like to recommend sites that require you to install any software onto your computer unless an online application does not exist yet. Users, especially Windows users, take some risk when downloading and installing software applications from unknown sources over the Internet.

One group of Web 2.0 applications that are a lot of fun to use are paint applications. These applications allow you to draw, sketch, and paint using various paint tools. Most of these work great on the SMART Board interactive whiteboard but not all of them allow you to save your work to your computer's hard drive. 

The program I've been using lately is Sketch & Paint written by Tom Eriksson and available from his site called (Tom has a lot of other really cool stuff on his site so definitely check it out!)


Tom has managed to create a very intuitive method of selecting colors, tools, and tool options that make it very easy for students (and teachers) to use the application. Best of all, you can save your work to your hard drive as a JPG image Video Frameand you can even open JPG images from your computer and edit them using his application.

Teachers, why not spice up some of your Notebook lessons by creating some simple backgrounds and/or sketches using an application like Sketch & Paint.

My very first creation was a video frame template that is used in Notebook to surround videos. You're more than welcome to download this image here but I highly recommend that you have some fun and create your own!

I want to send a special thank you to Danny Nicholson for sharing this application on his site The Whiteboard Blog! Keep up the great work Danny!

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