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Super Math Worlds

My friend Danny Nicholson from the UK has been an a roll lately recommending some amazing sites for teachers using interactive whiteboards. I wanted to share one of his recommendations called Super Math Worlds right away since the free trial period is coming to an end this month.

Super Math Worlds has sections on Algebra, Data, Number Theory, and Shapes for students 11 years old and up. It also has a special kids section for students 5 years old and up.

Super Math Worlds
The activities are wonderful and they have three levels of difficulties for each activity. You play by touching the correct answer to a practice problem.

Each problem has different answers that circle around the screen. You get points based on how quickly you can touch the correct answer. The really neat thing about this site is that  you can choose between One Player mode and Two Player mode where you can play against someone else by taking turns with alternating questions.

The free subscription for all the activities runs through January. However, they offer three free activities for each section without a subscription. In addition, they offer a Graph Plotter activity in the Activity section that's available without a subscription. This tool alone makes this website worth checking out. To take advantage of the free subscription, use the login "janfree" (without the quotations). For subscription information, you can go to their About page.

Thanks for sharing Danny!

Sharing is Caring!

UPDATE: Here's a note from the authors of Super Maths World. Looks like they have some great stuff coming soon!

We would be grateful if you could mention that our free topics are on weekly rotation and that A-Level material is coming soon. Subscribers receive full access to all topics and all future activities. A user's progress is automatically saved on home computers.

Thanks for the update!

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