Real-time Assessment on the SMARTBoard

Last week, I wrote an article on my Teaching With iPads blog about Student Response Systems and how they can help improve learning. I wrote this specifically for classrooms who have, or are thinking about adopting, a one-to-one iPad initiative at their school. The article highlights a Student Response System called Socrative which is currently free to use. Utilizing a SMART Board to display and interact with Socrative only adds to its effectiveness. Click here to go directly to the article.

In addition to my review of Socrative, I’ve also included links to additional information about Student Response Systems in general and their potential effectiveness in the classroom.

Even if you haven’t used a Student Response System, this would be a great opportunity to incorporate a few assessments in your lessons to better understand why real-time assessment is such a powerful tool in the classroom. Do it now while it’s free!

I hope you’ll share this article with the other teachers and administrative personnel at your school. Remember…

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