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  • SMART Boards and Finding Resources

    I love searching for resources to use on the SMART Board interactive whiteboard. That’s probably why I enjoy maintaining this blog so much. Since I have a 7 year old daughter, a lot of the resources I post here are for primary-aged children. My task this morning was to find an interactive game that will help my daughter find compliments of 10. She’s in the first grade and she’s doing quite well with her numbers but I really want her to know the compliments of ten because that can help in so many different areas with our base ten system of numbers.

  • SMARTBoard and Arcademic Skill Builders

    Yesterday I discussed why I use the phrase “Sharing is Caring” and why the phrase is so important to me as an educator.
    Two days ago, Bill Lingle made a comment on my post about a great website called Wicked that contains some great flash-based games for improving Math skills. In keeping with my motto Sharing is Caring Bill shared another great Math resource for improving Math skills called Arcademic Skill Builders. This site contains multi-user games where students can compete against students from anywhere else in the world. It also has some single-users games like Alien Addition (screen shot below) that work great with or without a SMART Board. It’s such an addicting site and such a great way to mesh games and education.

  • SMARTBoards and Matho

    I need to get back to work…I’ve been playing around with some outstanding educational math games for kids aged 7 to 12. The site is called Wicked and it contains wonderful flash-based games for improving your students’ Math skills. Best of all, these interactive games work great with your SMART Board interactive whiteboard.

  • SMARTBoards and BBC School Games

    I really love cool flash applications. To me, having flash is like moving from a black-and-white TV to a color TV. I noticed that the BBC School Games site has a fun little flash application that randomly displays subjects for various age groups. The flash application is really unnecessary but it definitely adds a little fun and excitement to the otherwise boring process of searching for activities.

  • SMART Boards and Bitesize Games

    I would like to share with you another website of educational games from the BBC. This one is called Bitesize Games and Activities. It has more quality interactive educational games than almost any other web resource I’ve seen. It has activities for English, Math, and Science that can also be embedded into your blog or website. I’ve embedded three fun games for you to play with.

  • SMART Board Educational Games

    Looking for something fun and educational to get your students actively engaged in the learning process following the long holiday break? Take a look at these great games (over 40) from the CYBERCHASE PBSKids website. I love this site because most of the games work very well with the SMART Board since you can simply touch areas of the Smartboard to work the games.

  • SMART Boards and Holiday Fun #2

    Just in case you haven’t had the opportunity to read the comments left here, I want to share with you a web site that has four fun Christmas activities for your SMARTBoard. The activities are once again more suitable for the younger students; however, the hilarity of the Reindeer Orchestra with make you laugh at any age. Once again, you’ll have to be creative to find educational value here but I know it can be done!