Getting The SMART Boards Out Of The Closet

Here is a article called “Whiteboards for Dummies” written by Calvin Hennick for Scholastic – Administrator. This article discusses how to utilize your SMART Board more effectively by identifying some of the obstacles of using a SMART Board once you get it into your classroom.  The stories about using it to hang posters and stapling student work to the SMART Board are all true.

At their best, interactive whiteboards can get students out of their seats to lead their own learning. But, like all technology, the boards are only as good as the people using them. And the people using them are only as good as their training.

I think the article does a good job covering three very important landmarks in using the Interactive SMART Board:

1. Identify Your Early Adaptors

2. Make The Content Relevant

3. Know The Goal

The article also lists some great places for Professional Development including Teacher Online Training. The Notebook Gallery also provided Professional Development as well as Ready-made resources for your SMART Board.

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