Scaling the Universe on a SMARTBoard

I watched an amazing video from that showed images of what’s called the Extreme Deep Field (EDF). These images represent the farthest we (humans) have ever seen into the Universe. The very end of the video pans back from the EDF to help provide a better perspective on the actual vastness of the Universe.

This engaging feature of panning back to provide a sense of scale is also available on an amazing interactive website called The Scale of the Universe 2. This site allows you to pan back and forth through the Universe to look at the extremely small to the extremely large. In addition to being able to pan back and forth from small to large, you can also touch on the various objects to get more information. This resource works extremely well on the SMART Board and can be a great discussion starter for a variety of topics.

Here’s a short video I put together that pans from the smallest to the largest objects in the Universe. See if you can find the Hubble Deep Field at 10 to the 26.1 power.

I hope you’ll share The Scale of the Universe 2 website with the other teachers at your school.

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