Spelling Games for the SMART Board

spin-and-spellFinding primary-level spelling activities that look good and work great on the SMART Board is not always easy. I think you’ll find these two Internet activities are an exception.

The first activity called Spin and Spell is an incredibly engaging activity that would be especially effective in the ESL classroom since it uses images and verbal pronunciations of all the words. The activity provides and extensive list of words and is organized into five categories. To spell a word, the kids touch on the next letter of the word contained in the spinning wheel. Each time a letter is selected, that letter is pronounced out loud. When they are done spelling the word, they touch on the Submit button to check their answer.

word-stripsThe second activity is called Word Strips. This is a very easy game to play but is a bit more challenging. To play, drag tiles into place to spell a four-letter word (each block of letters contains at least one word). The activity lets kids know immediately when they find a word and it automatically brings up the next word. This is a great activity to use in groups and you can use the built-in game timer to keep score.



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  1. paul helgesen

    Thanks for the suggestions. These two applications donotseem to work. Thefirst link is to a website called spinandspell.com but nothing happens

    The second is a swf file – again: nothing.

    Any suggestion??



  2. James Hollis

    Hi Paul,

    Both activities were developed in Flash. The most common issue when Flash activities don’t work is that the browser being used does not support Flash. The browser you are using may require a plug-in to run Flash-based content. I know Google Chrome has a flash plug-in built-in but it may need to be enabled. Firefox requires a flash plug-in download (search for firefox flash plugin). I’m not sure about Internet Explorer. By the way, if you’re using your school’s server, they may block flash-based content.

    Keep me posted on what happens!


  3. Ad Berlijn

    Hi Paul and James.

    Everything works fine with me on my iMac (Yosemite 10.10.5) , using Safari 8.0.8 as my default browser.
    By the way it’s an excellent example of using the SMARTboard.
    Pity it’s not in Dutch.
    Kind regards,

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