Monkey Business – Rounding to Nearest Ten

I’ve been working on a comprehensive Notebook lesson called Monkey Business that helps students learn and review basic procedures for rounding to the nearest 10 and the nearest 100. In this lesson, I created a fun review activity called Banana Rama where the goal is to collect 10 bananas as fast as possible by touching on the correct answer to a rounding problem.

I thought it would be useful for teachers if I put the Banana Rama activity into a separate Notebook file and place it in the Free Resource section of The Notebook Gallery website. On the last page of the file, I also included instructions for how to create new versions of the activity that use different numbers so teachers can continue to reinforce rounding to 10 without using the same numbers over and over again.

The complete Monkey Business lesson is available on the The Notebook Gallery resource site. The 80+ page lesson introduces the concept of rounding, provides a fun method for remembering the rules for rounding, and reinforces the concept of rounding through examples and assessment activities.

Click the Download button to download the Banana Rama activity.




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