Notebook Lesson – The Phantom Menace Review Game

A free gift to my readers…

I wanted to share a fun Smart Notebook review game to thank you for what you do in the classroom and for dedicating your life to the most important and rewarding profession in the world. I'm honored to share resources and support all teachers who love SMART Boards.

The game is a U.S. Western States and Capitals review game for two teams: The Grusome Ghosts and the Giddy Ghouls. Questions and Point Values are selected at random and the game is played until all the questions have been selected or one of the teams reaches a predetermined point total.

You can download the game here

Here's a short video showing how the game is played.

Click Here to go directly to the video.

Please use the Firefox or Chrome browser to download the file. Internet Explorer and Safari often times get confused and automatically rename the file to .zip. If that happens, you can save the file and then rename it back to .notebook.

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