Notebook Lessons – Writing and Spelling

These two amazing Notebook lessons for the SMART Board were created by two amazing teachers, Becky Arnett and Sherri Fricker. These two lessons are very special to me because each one utilized techniques found in the courses from Teacher Online Training. As a matter of fact, Becky's "Writing Prompts" lesson was the grand prize winner of the SMART Exchange Contest Challenge.

Becky and Sherri went way beyond the techniques found in the online courses and each one created a lesson that made my jaw drop.

Writing_prompts_thumbBecky's lesson is called Random Writing Prompts:

Use the random selectors to choose writing prompts for kids writing assignments. Reluctant writers love to use this tool to come up with a writing idea. Topics include citizenship, favorite things, remember a time when… and many others.

Click here to download


Spelling_bee_thumbSherri's lesson is called Spelling Bee:

Students can practice their spelling words by "typing" them on this keyboard. The keyboard is sensitive and doesn't like the wrong keys to be pressed.

Click here to download


Thank you Becky and Sherri! Your creative abilities are simply awesome!


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