SMART Boards and Algebra

For teachers looking for a fun way to use the SMARTBoard to help teach Algebra concepts, why not have your students create their own instruction videos.

  1. Start by introducing your students to an Algebra concept using whatever textbook or handout you have available. (The boring method)
  2. Next, go to Algebasics, find a similar problem, and display the problem on the SMARTAlgebasics Board.
  3. Tell the students they are going to be creating their own videos just like the Algebasics site
  4. Divide students in to groups of three and give each group a similar problem to solve and tell them that they will be creating their own video to put on the Internet to help other students.
  5. Check student work and ask them to prepare their video by breaking their problem into steps
  6. Have them write the steps on a video preparation worksheet
  7. Go to the Sketchcast website and have students record their instruction videos.
  8. After the students create the instruction videos, work with your technology coordinator to get the videos put on a blog or school website. (If your Technology Coordinator is more concerned with locking out websites than supporting student learning, let me know and I can help with getting videos displayed on your own school blog).

This process works best in a student-centered learning environment and can be modified to fit into your normal class period. For example, you can break up this lesson into multiple days and have one group record their video each day. Students will be fascinated watching other groups record their videos and will be thoroughly engaged in learning. This lesson is highly effective with at-risk students since they will be sharing their knowledge in a unique and exciting way.

For more information on creating a Sketchcast, please see my blog post called SMART Board and Sketchcast.

This process is worth spending some time perfecting and it is a great way to impress parents, students, administrators, and especially your fellow teachers!

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