SMART Boards and Custom Resources for Algebra Two

Recently, someone shared a link (thanks Amy!) to some great Algebra Two (Holt, Rinehart & 
Winston) resources created by a teacher named Thomas Vizza. This site presents a wonderful example of how to start moving toward a "student-centered" learning environment where a teacher's primary focus is on creating the resources and environments that help students learn more effectively.


Mr. Vizza has created a collection of Smart Notebook files to support various 
chapters of the Algebra Two text book. In addition, he's made available an amazing library of Mathematical Notebook Galleries containing images, pages, and even a few flash animations! My favorite one is definitely the Formula Gallery. The image on the right is displaying the Quadratic Equations folder in the Algebra section of this Gallery. Notice how well organized this is and how well he labeled all the objects!

Also, if you're a teacher looking for an example of what to do when you can't make it to class, then check out his lesson plan for Graphing Quadratics he left for the substitute teacher. Totally awesome!

Mr. Vizza's website contains much more than I'm describing here. Even if you're not a Math teacher, I highly recommend browsing around the website to help get some ideas of how you can set up your own class resource center. Building this type of resource library not only helps students learn it also helps teachers facilitate learning more effectively.

Oh, I almost forget, Mr. Vizza also has a collection of other websites that he recommends. I'll also go ahead and put a few of my favorite links here so they're handy:

While I'm at it, here's another Notebook Gallery (shared by my friend Obe Hostetter) containing 60 Mathematical symbols. It's definitely a must have.

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