SMARTBoards and the Crickweb Flash Resources

Crickweb I was searching through my past blog posts and I'm quite surprised that I have not written a post about the amazing flash-based resources found on Crickweb. This site contains hundreds of quality interactive resources for Crickweb1children aged 4 to 11.

For my U.S. readers, the activities are organized into three age groups: The Early  Years (age 4 to 5), Key Stage 1 (age 6 to 7), and Key Stage 2 (age 8 to 11). Within  each age group the activities are organized by subject area.

The basic subject areas include Math, Science, History, and Literacy. However, there are also activites for Geography, Religion Education, French, Crickweb2Spanish, and even Design & Technology. (Please note that since this site is from the UK, the money activities use British Currency. However, teachers from other areas should still explore these activities.) 

The resources contained on this site are all interactive and very few of them require keyboard input. Best of all, all of the activities work great on the SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard since most Crickweb3of the activities only  require students to touch or drag objects. (If you would like to download and use the Promethean Flipchart files that are available, you can import these using Notebook. Just open Notebook, select "import" from the file menu, change the file type to "All Promethean Files.") 

I've included a few screen shots but the best way to find what your looking for is to browse around and play with the activities. I can promise you that you'll find something fun and exciting for your classroom!

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