SMART Boards and SpellingCity

I recently responded to a question on the SMART Exchange Forum in reference to good Spelling resources for your SMARTBoard. Since I found myself playing around Spellingcitywith SpellingCity for half an hour, I thought it earned it's own blog post.

 The SpellingCity site lets teachers easily create their own spelling lists and then students can practice improving their spelling skills online. Here's the description of SpellingCity found on their website:

SpellingCity is a new and innovative interactive educational site that
can help children of all ages improve their spelling skills and expand
their vocabulary. It can also be used by teachers and parents to teach
their students how to spell properly with their own spelling lists.

It's really a remarkable website and the spelling games work extremely well with the SMART Board. While the "Teach" and "Test" areas require the use of a keyboard, the games (with the exception of one) do not and they are very Smartboard friendly!

Even if you're a teacher who doesn't teach Spelling, this is a great site to use to introduce concept words. Please pass this resource along to your fellow teachers, it's a winner!

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