SMART Boards and the Tips-and-Tricks Phenomenon

A really awesome phenomenon about the Internet is the viral nature of sharing information. In other words, good information spreads quickly throughout niche areas.

A case in point…yesterday, I ran across a relatively new blog called elearnr (cool name!) that had a post called Ten Ways to Use Your Interactive Whiteboard More Effectively. It is a very well written post by Doug Belshaw that expands on a Google Docs presentation called Thirty-Seven Interesting Ways to Use Your Interactive Whiteboard (see below).

This incredibly useful presentation was an idea conceived by Tom Barrett and it contains tips and tricks for using your Smartboard interactive whiteboard. The really cool thing about this presentation is that it was put together by educators from all around the world, including "yours truly."

Why I am talking about this being viral? It just so happens that this morning I woke up to find a message posted by Carol from Smart Technologies on the Smart Exchange that mentioned this exact post. I am also spreading the information through this blog and hopfully other bloggers will link to it from their site as well. Wow! Good information travels fast!

While I've already written a post about Tom's Google Docs presentation, I'll present here again. I would also like to share Tara Crewe's wiki that contains various Smartboard tips as well as remind my readers that I have a SMART Board Tips and Tricks category here on my blog.

Sharing is Caring!

(There's a lot of Caring going on these days!)

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