SMARTBoard and MapMaker 1-Page Maps

Some online resources help make the decision to have an interactive whiteboard in the classroom an easy one. When you use an IWB to see and interact with a resource like National Geographic's MapMaker 1-Page Maps, it's difficult to justify "not" having an Interactive Whiteboard. This interactive map resource allows you to explore in detail different areas of the world. All you do is select a region of the world and then select a country. It even includes more detailed views of the USA, Canada, and Mexico.




This resource seems to be designed with the IWB in mind. It has an easy "touch" navigation system and it has tabs that allow you to annotate and place various icons on the map. The map elements options also allows you to add various map details including titles, latitude and longitude lines, landmarks, and key labels. Best of all, this resource includes a full-page option to help teachers display the map as large as possible with a single touch on their SMARTBoard. If this weren't enough, it even has an option to download your map to an image file or a PDF file.

This resource is still in beta, so not all the features function perfectly. For example, I had difficulties displaying some countries and I was not able to download the map I created. However, you can capture your map using the SMART Screen Capture Tool that comes with the Smart Notebook software.

Please share this resource with the teachers at your school.

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